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Uchenna Angel Kalu-Uduma

Sometime in February 2021, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) released a memo and this time, the target of their famous memos was the cryptocurrency exchange in Nigeria i.e. buying, selling and depositing funds to and from cryptocurrency apps into Nigerian bank account became prohibited. This caused an uproar with the Nigerian youth especially the people in the Nigerian tech ecosystem because of the uncertainty of what this ban means for startups in the crypto space.

BuyCoins is a Nigerian tech startup that functions as an exchange and allows users trade cryptocurrency. It is probably the biggest crypto platform especially…

My experience with PropTech

Realtor by Alexey Kuvaldin for ThinkMojo (Found on Dribbble)

I know my title seems serious but I’m actually going to tell you a story about how I planned my escape from home and moved to another city last week while throwing in my UX experiences with the Property Tech companies I interfaced with during my apartment search. However, you need to be patient to get to the crux of this story which is, the most undervalued differentiating factor in software product UX — Customer Support or whatever else it is called in different companies. This single factor, in some cases, can make your users disregard the bugs in your…

Man sitting at desk wondering how to start his career journey into Product Management and/or UI/UX Design.
Man sitting at desk wondering how to start his career journey into Product Management and/or UI/UX Design.
Illustration of a man sitting at desk from

I have recently received messages from a few people asking questions about transitioning into the PM or UI/UX design roles, how I juggle both and steps to take in order to make a smooth transition into entry-level positions in both roles. So, I figured that since I barely touched much about the resources that I have found helpful in my article on my 1-year post-transition into Product Management, I might as well dedicate an entire article to it now.

Just in case you are wondering why I am doing both, I made the decision because in my opinion, they each…

Dear Recruiter/Future Employer,

I sincerely hope that you are well and that my letter helps you understand me as a candidate a little more before you skip ahead to the next, I’m sure, equally-deserving candidate’s application.

I received a call from a company last Friday and they were wondering if I was available to do an interview on Monday, today. The caller mentioned something on the lines of finding my CV and contact details on AngelList. I figured it must have been from a few months ago but anyway, I agreed because I can’t see any downsides to taking interviews…

Tattoo image from Unsplash (Gabe Pierce)

In anticipation of my 28th birthday and how much has changed for me in the last year or so, I decided to get two tattoos done — one on the wrist that says ‘I’m worthy’ and another on the hip that quotes Isaiah 60:3( Nations are drawn to my light and kings to the brightness of my dawn). It’s been four days and they seem to be healing nicely.

I initially thought I’d hide the one on my wrist with my watch and the other with long or knee-length apparel but then again, I love to wear bum shorts while…
Danse Macabre

It is December 2020 and if you are not one of the lucky few who live under a rock, you already know that this year has been plagued with death upon death. Some have been lost while protesting in favor of their rights like we saw in Nigeria on 20th October, 2020 at the Lekki Toll Gate. Many others have been lost to racial and tribal tensions, police brutality and most popularly, the COVID-19 pandemic that stole the most part of the year. Personally, I lost a few people this year as well — two uncles to complications from Coronavirus…

In October 2019 with the mentorship of a dear friend, I made the decision to become a Product Manager starting with a PM certification course and the knowledge that I would have to start my career afresh and work my way up from the lowest rank on the totem. This is what I’ve done. I transitioned from my usual Executive Assistant role which was great but not very challenging creatively.

In the time since then, I have taken up two remote jobs as a Product Manager concurrently as a way to ramp up my knowledge on Agile Product Management. One…

If you have read my story about how ridiculously crappy the last 18 months have been for me and my journey towards acceptance, you would know that I have had quite some time to do a lot of soul-searching, reading, and self-discovery in that time. I have also lost relatives; few of whom died at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic both home and abroad. At each turn of events, I have had to stop and truly examine everything that I’ve come to believe; religious beliefs, life philosophies, and mantra, health, love, romance, family, friendship, work, the choice to bear…

An interpretation of Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’. Credit: Sotheby’s
An interpretation of Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’. Credit: Sotheby’s

It’s been about 19 months since I last wrote. Wow! Time really does fly.

A whole lot has transpired in that time but that is not the main reason why I’m writing this. Alright, maybe a little bit because of the interconnectivity of things on planet earth. So, I’ll catch you up to speed, try to connect the dots, and see where the proverbial pen takes us.

Great! Let’s do this.


So, a few days ago I felt very overwhelmed by my existence. Existential crisis? Hmmm. I suppose so.

Over the years, whenever this happens, I feel a strong urge…

The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli (1781)

Have you ever had a dream that ordinarily wouldn’t be scary but it actually did scare the bejesus out of you and shouting wasn’t an option, waking was? I literally just woke up from a dream like this.

Growing up in our household was once a beautiful thing. I remember getting belly-blows from my dad, playing and building forts in the living room. He’d take us out to a fancy restaurant for fine dining or to a pizza place for dinner and it was the best time in the world. I didn’t remember these events until I started writing this…

Uchenna Angel Kalu-Uduma

Product Manager at Alta Labs. Budding UI/UX Designer. Aspiring Afrominimalist. I feel as I exist. I write as it transpires. I learn as I experience.

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